We are what we think

How many times have you heard it said “If you keep thinking about that..… it’s going to happen”? Usually it’s about something bad that might happen to us – never seems to be a positive! I just wondered whether there is any actual truth in the statement “we are what we think” and if so could a more constructive mind-set lead to a happier and more fulfilled life. Continue reading “We are what we think”

Just What is Gratitude About then!

Ever remember complaining as a kid when your friend had the latest bike and yours was the poor relation – that familiar phrase from Mum and Dad ringing in your ear…. ”you should be grateful for what you’ve got!” Wise words indeed but not always the ones we wanted to hear. A trivial example I know, but really, what is gratitude about and is there merit in having a mindset of gratitude? Continue reading “Just What is Gratitude About then!”

Does Breathing Reduce Stress?

Stating the obvious or what – it’s the very thing that keeps us moving along our allotted span! Yep, you’ve probably heard it said us humans can last about 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water but a mere 3 minutes without breath. Often referred to as ‘Conscious’ or ‘Controlled’ breathing, this wonderful gift of life we take for granted has so much more to offer us if we could take the time to explore. In this article I’d like to discuss some interesting facts about the breath and attempt to answer the question – does breathing reduce stress? That said, in this article, I’ll share a simple technique commonly used that I’ve found really helpful. Continue reading “Does Breathing Reduce Stress?”

How to be Present in the Moment

Mark Twain couldn’t have put it better when he said, “I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” As I write it’s New Years Eve 2019 and if you’re anything like me your mind is spinning, reflecting on the good and the bad of the year we’ve just had and thinking about the prospect of the one ahead. And we thinking creatures, more often than not, focus on the not so good! That’s why I love Mr Twain’s quote above and refer to it often. So I thought December 31st might be a fitting time to talk about how to be present in the moment.
Continue reading “How to be Present in the Moment”

Does Meditation Help with Sleep?

sleep-meditationThere’s no getting round it, a good nights sleep is essential for nearly everyone on the planet. Most of us should be getting 7,8,9 hours sleep on a regular basis. For the younger ones it’s even more. I’m personally not the best sleeper, so any edge I can get is a big fat bonus! So here’s my question. Does meditation help with sleep? Continue reading “Does Meditation Help with Sleep?”

How to relax your mind and lose the stress

So much has been written about how to relax your mind and let go of the stress in our lives, and for good reason – it’s extremely beneficial for us. So with this in mind (excuse the pun) I’d like to offer a brief introduction and some simple but effective tips and techniques I have learnt to calm my world. Continue reading “How to relax your mind and lose the stress”

About Tim

Tim here at, a very warm welcome and thank you for visiting my site. I have a passion for life and a fascination about ways to enjoy every day and make everyone of them count. Living in the UK, I share my home with my wonderful partner, two beautiful Labradors and a larger than life cat!

I try to look after myself and love to run – my favourite place on the fells in England’s Lake District. The clean air, stunning views and peacefulness of the hills are something to behold – plus the occasional thunderstorm and deluge of torrential rain …..after all it is the northwest of England!

Before the day begins, I find there’s no better way to start than get quiet for a few minutes and work on the inner self – there are so many great ways to do this now – I’m sure many reading this will already be enjoying the benefits that relaxing the mind brings.

Sort Yourself Out!!!

Life is great but sometimes it can suck and I guess like me, you’ve had your moments and at times it feels like a roller coaster ride. Yep, we can’t be on a constant high but it wouldn’t do any harm to eliminate some of those lows – or at least when life throws one our way, have the tools to deal with them.

There are so many problems and crises facing our world (not to mention our own challenges in life!) and yes – we should never ignore them, but if we continually focus on just those things, we literally will feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. We need to invest time in ourselves, get a healthy balance and perspective on life.

As the saying goes, “You can’t help others until you first help yourself”

Keeping on Track

I don’t want to sound cliche but as we’re constantly told – the present moment is all we have. As we get older, time becomes even more precious. And so, to be happy and successful in whatever way that means to you personally, is surely not a bad place to start!

There is an army of people out there who believe that there has never been a better time to be alive, people with a positive outlook, but more importantly people who are harnessing the methods and techniques that are fast emerging to live, think and feel in ways never before thought possible.

And that is my goal to continue along this path and reach out to others along the way and share experiences. Living a happy life on your own terms is surely the best way to live. I love the quote from Jim Rohn:

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan, and guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

There’s more than one way to crack an egg!

So there we go. MagicMotives is all about staying motivated to enjoy life with a little help from a few people, tips, tools and tricks. Everyone is different – and we’re so fortunate these days to have access to information that will suit almost anyone. I hope you enjoy the content I’ll be posting here, so please, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below. Have a fantastic day!

All the best,


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